Shota Voskanyan is one of the unique modern artists of Armenia whose art is lighted up with the sensitive relationship of humanity.

The compositions of Shota are small enclosed worlds, where the tendency towards calmness and sensitivity are felt.  They are named to illustrate the inner feelings of man's soul, through which is shown the surrounding beauty.

The beauty and idea of objects for Shota are centralized on simple shapes, which are hidden for us, inscribed on their inner structures.  The artist gives them roundness, plasticity, and volume.

He is not destroying natural structure, he is not destroying its natural integrity of objects, he is not arguing with him, he is not turning it upside down, but the shapes of his compositions attract with their material determination.  The artist has a special feeling of figurative surfaces of objects, special relation towards the invoices. 

Under the "leather" objects is covered the monolith essence, powerful casted plastic, powered by secret energy.  Man figures fruit objects of interior breath with calmness and assurance.  In secluded interiors are observed some languor.

Sitting, standing, nude figures radiate spiritual warmness with no sharp accentual movements.

The main elements forming Shota's works are light colors.

The artist's selected picturesque palette (on the whole all the tones of brown and gold) is a result of sunlight in a narrow space of his interior.  Light and color are the main menus and language of his art.

Today, such are the specifics of his work, in which is reflected perception and reflection of life.

Maria Stepanian

Art Critic